Beyond glasses by IgenDesign has won Silver A’Design Award

BeyondGlassesbyIgenDesign2.jpgWe are proud to announce that IgenDesign’s Beyond glasses project has been awarded with Silver Award in Social Design category at the prestigious A’Design Award, one of the biggest and most important international design awards in the world. Beyond glasses were chosen for winning silver award out of 35.559 submitted projects from 180 countries.

Beyond is a glasses collection for blind people. We started this project with the kind help of the National Institute for the Blind in Hungary to torn down the walls between the Blind and the Sighted.


We believe that social integration of the blind can’t focus solely on functional accessibility but needs emotional inclusiveness as well. Many of the sighted still feel embarrassed or sorry when they see a blind person. But the Blind thank them, don’t need that sorry. Sorry only creates distance. These walls must be torn down. Social integration isn’t necessary so that sighted people can have a relieved conscience but because we simply need each other – that’s why we live together in a society. The Beyond glasses act as a symbol: Seeing beyond prejudice and sorry. Seeing beyond the dark glasses. Beyond all these you will meet someone… – Learn more about Beyond glasses.


Gris water saving system has been awarded at empowering people. Award by Siemens Stiftung


14700754_1340503222627006_7825245685764830846_oWe have been honoured by the Siemens Stiftung which has shortlisted our Gris water saving system for the prestigious empowering people. Award as one of the 23 finalists out of a total of 800 entries worldwide. Therefore IgenDesign has become an empowering peopleNetwork member and has been also invited to participate in the empowering people. Workshop that was organised for the epAward finalists and current epNetwork members. The workshop in itself was a real knowledge bomb in Organisational Development and Social Enterprise, and was an excellent opportunity to network with other similar-minded people. After the two-day workshop session the Gris project has been awarded as one of the 20 Runners-up at the empowering people. Award ceremony.

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AeroGlass works on the next big thing in navigation technology for pilots

AeroGlass provides an unparalleled 360 degree 3D Augmented Reality navigation experience for Pilots using Head Worn Displays aka Smart Glasses.

Aero Glass assists pilots in aerial navigation by visualising instrument data and flight conditions on augmented reality smart glasses, thereby improving flight safety and the overall flight experience.


AG is a San Diego based company with a Hungarian development team. Founder Ákos Maróy is an active pilot with a frozen ATPL. He is co-founder of EU Edge and an outsourced software development shop, Scarab Research. His quest for all things innovative led him to various projects that fuse science and art, hence, he is member of the Tokyo-based doubleNegatives Architecture group, and collaborator in bio-art projects likebio.display. He’s the co-founder of – an investigating journalism & citizen empowerment initiative in Hungary.

Igendesign will help AeroGlass in the development of the phisical devices that are responsible for the user’s head movement tracking and also will participate in developing the user experience design of the navigation system. The design studio also will take care of AeroGlass’ branding and overall visual identity from web surfaces to exhibition stands. Get more info about AeroGlass:

Gris water saving system by Alberto Vasquez has won the remarkable BraunPrize 2015 Sustainability Award!

Gris water saving system_by Alberto Vasquez_IgenDesign_BraunPrize2015

Alberto Vasquez has been acknowledged with one of the most prestigious international design awards for concept design. The Gris water saving system has won the BraunPrize2015 Sustainability Award in student category.


This year there was a record number of designers participated in the BraunPrize2015 with its 2510 submissions from 67 country. 8 awards (bronze, silver, gold and sustainability in both student and professional category) and 2 special awards where given at the BraunPrize2015 awarding ceremony on September 30. Continue reading

“Every object needs to be humanistic” – Patient Monitor for Innomed by IgenDesign

INNOCARE-S new.234_2 branding

“Designing anything into a hospital has a huge responsibility. It is extremely important how we shape a hospital environment. When people stay in a hospital, they usually are in a state of desperation and vulnerability. In such an environment empathy and kindness become extremely important. The most important necessity of a patient is to feel safe. Therefore every element of a hospital environment needs to communicate trustfulness and kindness, mildness and peacefulness. Every object needs to be humanistic.” Learn more about it:

Are economically motivated human conversations the key of our future survival? – Alberto Vasquez on the din:don movement at Virus Est


Are economically motivated human conversations the key of our future survival? Does gratitude have a conteporary value? Is our future about depending on Artificial Intelligence? What does Economic and Social Ecosystem of Valuable Dialogues mean? Learn more about it at Continue reading

New success of the Gris water saving system on the Hungarian Design Week!

Vasquez Carlos Alberto_Hungarian Design Award gala Gris awarded by MFD

Gris water saving system has recently won the Special Price Awarded by the State Secretariat for Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Capacities within the framework of the Hungarian Design Award. The Gris system has also won the iF design award and the A’design award this year. Continue reading