How will change our culinary habits in the next decades?


Ohm  is a communication device in our kitchen. If we eat alone it can project our friends around us who are eating at the same time elsewhere. So we can eat with our friends at any time no matter how far they are.

We had always a demand on eating together: this is one of our basic cultural needs. Even in the primitive age, the cavemen ate together around the fire. This demand is very important for us also nowadays.

If this necessity was so significant in the last 10 000 years, then it is likely to be important in the next ninety years as well.

The noticed trend:

In spite of our social necessities we eat alone more and more often. In such a case we try to substitute the companionship with the TV, internet or music.

What is the reason for being and in this case eating alone?

Trends in the last few decades:

The life-rhythm of family members has become very different so they spend short times together during the day.

Because of work and career young people get married much later so it has become popular to be a single and to live alone.

The advance of communication technology makes the distances smaller, so we will have friends from different continents, and meet- ings will be more and more complicated.


Expectedly these changes in the way of living will be more determinative due to technological advance. Meals together will become rare while our demand on eating together will remain. So we need an object, which can help us so that common meals will not disappear.


I have gathered some ideas from the chat and the “web 2.0” (for example Facebook or Netlog etc.) which are so popular in these days then searched for the next century’s world-wide technology. I think that will be the 3D hologram.


This object consists of two parts, the outer part is a salt&pepper shaker and in the inner one there is the electronic system which has two functions: once it scans the user, and on the other hand it projects a friend (an other user of an other object) three dimensionally.

Integrate it to the kitchen

The salt&pepper shaker is an iconic item on the table (and it will be on the table also ninety years later). So the object can be present in the kitchen as a part of the tableware and not as a laptop, mobile phone or a server.

Few decades later

In our opinion few decades later this object will be the part of our life, like nowadays the mobile, credit card or PC. We don’t imagine it as an unreachable item, but as a commonly used communication device.

To turn on the Ohm just poke it similar to ‘weeble’ toys.

Designed and researched by Alberto Vasquez and Daniel Lőrincz


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