In Hungary the elderly age-group teaches the young people how to peel delicately and quickly a boiled egg with only a spoon. With this technique you can peel a soft-boiled egg even in 10 seconds, while the egg remains undamaged. Nevertheless this method can be done with any kind of spoon, we thought to design a specific one, which represents the hungarian tradition and also perfectly fits to the movements of the peeling process.


Sharp end: easier inserting after cracking.
Curved edges around the spoon: the egg doesn’t injure while peeling

Saji3The wide end of the grip gives us a firm hold while cracking.
The oval cut shows us the designation of the spoon.


The spoon has a long grip to make stronger hits to the egg’s shell with less power. The grip has a suitable angle to crack and to peel.


designers: Alberto Vasquez, Simon Hukaya,  Andrew Oravecz


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