BE OPEN – day two

After a quick breakfast and a great original italian cappuccino we went to the first day of the conference which was held in the Aula Magna dell’Universita degli Studi di Milano. The topic of the 1st day was Sensible & Sustainable. Speakers: Clare Brass (designer), Sass Brown (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, Firenze), Luisa Collina (projects & relations manager at Politecnico di Milano – International School of Design), Jane Penty (Central Saint Martins School- College of Art and Design , London), Maria Sebregondi (vice president Moleskine).

Clare Brass presented a very interesting system design concept that she worked on with students from the Royal College of Art and from the Imperial College of London. The is system is called ‘food loop‘ and it is about solving the urban food waste problem. They are thinking on creating a ‘food waste machine’ that can collect and compost all the food waste for the soil to grow new plants for food. It’s a very exciting cyclic system.

My other favorite presentation was by Maria Sebregondi about the future of Moleskine. From the perspective of Moleskine it is a very interesting question how they see and will reflect to the trend of digitalization and the grow of the social media as they producing something 110 percently analogue product: notebooks. Sebregondi told that the grow of the digital age won’t question the presence of notebooks. Those books are to give space for talents. And the digital/social media can give the space for sharing talent. You can watch all the speeches here.

After the conference and some free time in the town there was a great cocktail party for the representatives of the BE OPEN and the finalists at that same University. We had a great time!


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