BE OPEN – day three

The topic of the 2nd day of the conference was Daily & Happy. Speakers: Julian Schnabel (painter), Alberto Alessi (entrepreneur & managing director of Alessi), Carlo Cracco (chef), Elio Fiorucci (entrepreneur, fashion designer), Edson Matsuo (creative director of Grendene), Vladimir Pirojkov (designer and president AstraRossa).

My top favorite presentation was by Vladimir Pirojkov (designer and president of AstraRossa). He talked about the transformation of transportation from 2D to 3D, and about achievable flying cars and space-hotels orbiting around Earth as their current projects they are working on. I was entirely impressed by the fact that what I could have imagined only for the next 20 years is literally happening right now! I was shaken up and filled with excitement by these impassioned presentations, where you can see that the presenters are how madly in love with what they do and that they don’t know the term impossible. I’m dreaming by my hart about counting among these people and doing my job with this huge professionalism. You can watch this day’s peresentations here.

Beside the events of the conference, thanks to the organizer we could visit the most exciting locations of Fuori Salone with a very helpful guide. At these exhibitions I was fascinated again by the amazing refinement, elegance and creativity of the Italian design. Here is some pics about the exhibition of Fuori Salone!

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