BE OPEN – day four

After a fast breakfast we began our 2nd tour around the best locations of Milan Design Week with our guide. You can see some new pics about it in this gallery:

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After the tour we participated on the last day of the conference. The topic of the 3rd day is Unique & Universal. Speakers: Ilse Crawford (Design expert), Paola Navone (Architect and designer), Stuart Parr (designer and entrepreneur), Gaetano Pesce (architect and designer), Daniel Rozensztroch (art director Merci Paris), Patricia Urquiola (architect and designer). You can watch the presentation here.

I think that the BeOpenFuture was an incredibly professional event and I hope that they will organize more and more such great events for a long time. I think it is very important to let talented students get in touch with such a highly professional people/ambient/company. To feel their energy, their huge professional calling and their enthusiasm. These are amazingly powerful driving forces which are extremely inspiring for a designer student. Meanwhile I am absolutely agreed with the message of the event: we must consciously take care of the future.


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