The Flow lamp’s success has reached even Taiwan!:)

Flow has reached even Taiwan! Great photo, huh?:)

One of our most succesful design-work called Flow has reached even Taiwan! Our colegue, Peter has noticed it when he was in a design workshop in Taiwan and an exciting recently published book called Design by Nature in Mandarin language caught his attention. Design by Nature is a book about universal principles that carry into all design, including graphics, architecture, interiors, industrial and product design, and art.

2013-08-12 21.57.48

Few more words about this incredible book via its website:

Design by Nature, written by designer and educator Maggie Macnab, takes you on an eclectic journey that examines the unending versatility and ingenuity of nature and how to use it to create beautiful and compelling designed communications. Written for designers, educators, and creative thinkers of all types, this book will guide you through a series of a-ha!moments that describe the subtle relationships common to us all. Communications that express the universal experience are meaningful to a global audience and remind us that we are inherently connected. Using clear explanation, examples, and hands-on exercises, you will learn about the natural processes of everyday patterns effective in visual messaging. Explore principles of nature and learn to recognize and apply a broad range of relationships for more aesthetic and effective design. Design by Nature is the first place recipient of the Non-fiction award from the 2013 National Federation of Press Women, the 2012 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award, and the New Mexico Press Women’s Association, and has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Persian. Maggie was interviewed in May 2013 for Design Matters.”

Alberto Vasquez,
CEO and Chief Designer
of IgenDesign

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the Flow lamp is exhibited at TEDx UChicago

The Flow lamp is exhibited at TEDx UChicago!

Flow lamp has been selected as a Special Selection on BraunPrize 2012!

Flow lamp has been selected as a Finalist on BraunPrize 2012!

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