What does it depend on wether a revolutionary innovative product can spread around or not?

We’ve experienced thousand times when companies announced a new innovative and genial product and than due to some mystical wonders it doesn’t spread around, doesn’t integrate into the blood circulation of the society or the project even turns into a financial catastrophe.

It also happens plenty of times that an entrepreneur has a genial product idea and put everything on that one card. It unquestionably seems that people has a huge need on that product and the prospects themselves are aware of their need and that the product can fulfill it, they are even ok with the pricing too, but the product still doesn’t get popular, does not get spread around. What does it depend on wether a revolutionary innovative product can spread or not?

As I mentioned in an earlier article, innovation is inevitable in today’s competitions: Nowadays it is the only thing that can keep a business in the ring. Today innovation is not just some social responsibility of a corporation or some charity for humanity but it is an indispensable business strategy of surviving and growing. However what if your innovation just doesn’t spread? If it won’t be popular, it won’t be sellable as well…

Current grey water solutions - why they haven’t spread around the world?

Companies has designed and manufactured greywater-systems since the late 40’s. So if these systems has a 70 year past just like the telephone system and there would be a serious need for them why they haven’t spread around the world?

During our latest project called Gris water saving system we had specifically in the brief to design a solution that can spread as widely as possible. We needed to design a water-recycling product that can be used in average households. Actually, these days we have tons of great products for this function – mainly called grey-water systems – but strangely enough they don’t spread around. And if they don’t spread, they won’t make lesser water consumption in certain regions; it won’t make our ecological footprint smaller and the product won’t be successful financially either.

During our design-research we experienced, that whenever we want to give as a revolutionary innovative solution to the people, in reality, we aggressively intrude into their everyday habits. When you want them to buy your product, you are expecting them to change their habits for the sake of your product.

Therefore in order to make your product spread, you need to hit the prospects ’level of willingness’. That certain point, when they are willing to accept a new habit = a new product. That level is the higher the wider you want to spread your product. It’s because the product itself is an obstacle between the customer and the goal he want to achieve with that product. The smaller the obstacle is, the more they willing to buy it and build it in their life. The most important components of this result are the level of adoptability and ease of installation.

As designers it is our responsibility wether a product is enough inclusive for the prospective customers.

During every design project we strive to make products as easy as possible for customers to integrate it into their life. To make the product request as less special education as possible and to make its features and usage instinctively acquirable!

Alberto Vasquez,
CEO and Chief Designer
of IgenDesign

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