AeroGlass works on the next big thing in navigation technology for pilots

AeroGlass provides an unparalleled 360 degree 3D Augmented Reality navigation experience for Pilots using Head Worn Displays aka Smart Glasses.

Aero Glass assists pilots in aerial navigation by visualising instrument data and flight conditions on augmented reality smart glasses, thereby improving flight safety and the overall flight experience.


AG is a San Diego based company with a Hungarian development team. Founder Ákos Maróy is an active pilot with a frozen ATPL. He is co-founder of EU Edge and an outsourced software development shop, Scarab Research. His quest for all things innovative led him to various projects that fuse science and art, hence, he is member of the Tokyo-based doubleNegatives Architecture group, and collaborator in bio-art projects likebio.display. He’s the co-founder of – an investigating journalism & citizen empowerment initiative in Hungary.

Igendesign will help AeroGlass in the development of the phisical devices that are responsible for the user’s head movement tracking and also will participate in developing the user experience design of the navigation system. The design studio also will take care of AeroGlass’ branding and overall visual identity from web surfaces to exhibition stands. Get more info about AeroGlass:


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