Gris water saving system has been awarded at empowering people. Award by Siemens Stiftung


14700754_1340503222627006_7825245685764830846_oWe have been honoured by the Siemens Stiftung which has shortlisted our Gris water saving system for the prestigious empowering people. Award as one of the 23 finalists out of a total of 800 entries worldwide. Therefore IgenDesign has become an empowering peopleNetwork member and has been also invited to participate in the empowering people. Workshop that was organised for the epAward finalists and current epNetwork members. The workshop in itself was a real knowledge bomb in Organisational Development and Social Enterprise, and was an excellent opportunity to network with other similar-minded people. After the two-day workshop session the Gris project has been awarded as one of the 20 Runners-up at the empowering people. Award ceremony.

14560162_1335383936472268_1561373458388229093_o 14566485_1335384209805574_8344119146232410442_o14542399_1335386603138668_8663063310095256315_o 14589950_1335382059805789_823942707450725998_o14481775_1335384829805512_3576788163581708963_o14612523_1335383759805619_2939287890816394142_o14525175_1335382713139057_7323659926929674727_o14524568_1335386473138681_5228744472720562628_o14714972_1340495695961092_1104814584961164107_o


– More info about Gris water saving system –


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