What an Earth can designers give to a Space Tech Company?

The goal of the competition called Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) is to give inspiration for developing new technologies on the field of space research. The grand prize will be won by the team – financed by private equity – which can first accomplish the given criteria that is to send a spacecraft to the Moon until 2014. 26 out of 33 participants are still in the competition in the project also known as Moon 2.0. One of them is the Hungarian Puli Space Technologies.
Puli Space Technologies came to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design to organize a super intensive 5-day-workshop to design a Lunar Rover. The aim of the workshop was to help the Puli Space Team’s work at the competition with finding new solutions and ideas for the spacecraft and the lunar rover that will be sent to the Moon. Check out what we’ve brought together!

cold-rough-anger – research based form study


This was a university project. The task was to make a 30×30 cm form study based on three keywords. Out of the three keywords, the first had to be a physical characteristic, the second a human attitude and the third an emotion. My keywords were: Cold, Rough, Anger Continue reading

fogo – removable handles for people with arthritis


A handle of a frying pan is not just a stick. It’s an elongation of our hand which makes us possible to grab and control an extremely hot object. Actually I consider it as a plier that is an integral part of our hands during cooking and only should connect to the pan when we want to move it or shake it. You can cook more comfortable and safe as there are no protruding sticks while the pans are sizzling on the stove.

handle5 Continue reading

WalkingLight – a lighting creature comes to life

Light is a childish, playful creature: airy, natural and free. The light of stars spreads in the universe with the same ease and freedom. It extends to infinity without any effort or obstacles. There is a kind of unbelievable silence in light. One observing this unbelievable deep silence formed by light may be struck by the same silence like the soul of a child playing and listening. This ease, this silence and this entirety that is so natural for a child, is beauty itself. Observing the silence of light one can experience this beauty. Continue reading