Alberto talks about Gris water saving system on Kossuth Radio in Hungary


Gris water system by Alberto Vasquez has won the remarkable Italian A’ Design Award



Alberto Vasquez has been acknowledged with the celebrated A’ Design Award for Gris water saving system in Social Design Category. Continue reading

‘Fogo’ designed by Alberto Vasquez has been published in SendPoints inspiring book called Creative Product Design

Fogo by Alberto Vasquez is published in Creative Product Design

The Removable Handles called Fogo designed by Alberto Vasquez has been part of SendPoints collection in Creative Product Design. Check the review of SendPoints:

The advancement in technology and the use of new materials, the increase of public environmental protection awareness, as well as people’s seeking for better, easier and multifunctional living, bring fresh challenges to product design. Creative Product Design presents and analyses creative products in everyday life from various parts of the world. The book features five parts: lamps, tables & chairs, shelves & cabinets, kitchenware & containers and tools. Continue reading

Life on the dry side of the planet

Alberto trying to save the banana plant In 2013 I had the chance to visit my family and spend a year in a little village “somewhere in the middle of Colombia”. In most part of the country there are two seasons: the rainy and the dry one. In the recent years the dry season became critical and I could experience myself how difficult it makes people’s everyday life. My sometime neighbour’s story can describe better how critical problem is the decrease of potable water today in many places:


“When I was a little girl, Christmas was my favourite time of the year. Today, I fear it the most, to be exact I fear from what is coming after Christmas…Burning heat, dry land, not a single drop of rain. First, the nearby lake dries out, then the upper one. We used to get water for our house from that lake. The side of the road is covered with fine, thick layers of dust. Trees are loosing more and more leaves, in order to keep some water inside, they are trying to adopt to the dry season. Rain only comes maybe two times a month.The struggle of survival begins.


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Gris water-saving-system designed by Alberto Vasquez has won one of the largest international design award!

Gris_iF award winner_1

One of the largest international design awards for young design talent is being held for the seventh time: the iF concept design award. This year In the iF concept design award 2014 altogether 11,847 valid entries have been contributed!

Gris_iF award winner_2

We are proud to announce Gris water-saving-system, designed by Alberto Vasquez, founder of IgenDesign, has been awarded with the iF concept design award 2014! 

“When I first got notified about the result, I was incredibly excited because this proves that the issue of decreasing potable water resources is getting so much attention by the world and is taken very seriously by organizations like iF. Thank you so much for this great award to the people who needs the water the most!” Said Alberto when he was notified by iF about winning the award.

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What does it depend on wether a revolutionary innovative product can spread around or not?

We’ve experienced thousand times when companies announced a new innovative and genial product and than due to some mystical wonders it doesn’t spread around, doesn’t integrate into the blood circulation of the society or the project even turns into a financial catastrophe.

It also happens plenty of times that an entrepreneur has a genial product idea and put everything on that one card. It unquestionably seems that people has a huge need on that product and the prospects themselves are aware of their need and that the product can fulfill it, they are even ok with the pricing too, but the product still doesn’t get popular, does not get spread around. What does it depend on wether a revolutionary innovative product can spread or not?

As I mentioned in an earlier article, innovation is inevitable in today’s competitions: Nowadays it is the only thing that can keep a business in the ring. Today innovation is not just some social responsibility of a corporation or some charity for humanity but it is an indispensable business strategy of surviving and growing. However what if your innovation just doesn’t spread? If it won’t be popular, it won’t be sellable as well…

Current grey water solutions - why they haven’t spread around the world?

Companies has designed and manufactured greywater-systems since the late 40’s. So if these systems has a 70 year past just like the telephone system and there would be a serious need for them why they haven’t spread around the world?

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