Gris water saving system by Alberto Vasquez has won the remarkable BraunPrize 2015 Sustainability Award!

Gris water saving system_by Alberto Vasquez_IgenDesign_BraunPrize2015

Alberto Vasquez has been acknowledged with one of the most prestigious international design awards for concept design. The Gris water saving system has won the BraunPrize2015 Sustainability Award in student category.


This year there was a record number of designers participated in the BraunPrize2015 with its 2510 submissions from 67 country. 8 awards (bronze, silver, gold and sustainability in both student and professional category) and 2 special awards where given at the BraunPrize2015 awarding ceremony on September 30. Continue reading

New success of the Gris water saving system on the Hungarian Design Week!

Vasquez Carlos Alberto_Hungarian Design Award gala Gris awarded by MFD

Gris water saving system has recently won the Special Price Awarded by the State Secretariat for Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Capacities within the framework of the Hungarian Design Award. The Gris system has also won the iF design award and the A’design award this year. Continue reading

Gris water-saving-system designed by Alberto Vasquez has won one of the largest international design award!

Gris_iF award winner_1

One of the largest international design awards for young design talent is being held for the seventh time: the iF concept design award. This year In the iF concept design award 2014 altogether 11,847 valid entries have been contributed!

Gris_iF award winner_2

We are proud to announce Gris water-saving-system, designed by Alberto Vasquez, founder of IgenDesign, has been awarded with the iF concept design award 2014! 

“When I first got notified about the result, I was incredibly excited because this proves that the issue of decreasing potable water resources is getting so much attention by the world and is taken very seriously by organizations like iF. Thank you so much for this great award to the people who needs the water the most!” Said Alberto when he was notified by iF about winning the award.

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BE OPEN – anouncing the winners: my design has won the second prize

My lamp design called Flow has won the second prize of BE OPEN design award in Milan! The second prize was that you can choose a course at one of the leading Universities in design around the world and participate on the organizator expenses. I’m very proud of winning this award, it’s a great honor for me!  Continue reading

BE OPEN – day one

Today I arrived to Milan. Everything were organized accurate and precisely. Actually this was the first time in my life when someone was waiting for me with a paper with my name at the airport:) The feeling is priceless:) The first day was really about warming up to the conference and the programs. I just had a walk on the beauteous streets of Milan to pick up the rhythm of the environment. At the end of the day there was a little meeting with the finalists and the coordinator about the programs of the next days. I’m super excited, I think it will be an amazing experience. Stay with me during the next days at my blog so I can share it with you.

Flow lamp has been selected as a finalist in BE OPEN!

The bamboo made ‘Flow’ lamp has been selected as a finalist at BE OPEN design award. Ten people passed through the finals. The final round will be held in Milan were all the finalists must shown and present their work. The final round will be together with the BE OPEN Conference where leading professionals of the design field will make presentations such as Paola Navone, Gaetano Pesce, Alberto Alessi etc. The organizers will pay all the expenses of this 5 day travell (from April 16 to 20) of the finalists. I will write every day about my experiences during the week…