Alberto talks about Gris water saving system on Kossuth Radio in Hungary


Gris water-saving-system designed by Alberto Vasquez has won one of the largest international design award!

Gris_iF award winner_1

One of the largest international design awards for young design talent is being held for the seventh time: the iF concept design award. This year In the iF concept design award 2014 altogether 11,847 valid entries have been contributed!

Gris_iF award winner_2

We are proud to announce Gris water-saving-system, designed by Alberto Vasquez, founder of IgenDesign, has been awarded with the iF concept design award 2014! 

“When I first got notified about the result, I was incredibly excited because this proves that the issue of decreasing potable water resources is getting so much attention by the world and is taken very seriously by organizations like iF. Thank you so much for this great award to the people who needs the water the most!” Said Alberto when he was notified by iF about winning the award.

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IgenDesign is sponsoring young footballers!


Delfines del Sur is a small Colombian amateur football team in SUB 20 Category with the purpose of preparing and helping kids to enter the professional football clubs. For many kids in Colombia, to become a professional football player is their biggest dream and, in some cases the only possibility to break out of poverty and change their life. We wanted to support Delfines del Sur team to help these kids achieving their dreams by designing and making for them the so called ‘Petos’ (uniforms during the training).

Most small teams in this category don’t have Petos and the players just take off their shirts during the training to differentiate each other. Although it seems a small thing to have and use Petos, this piece of cloth has a strong effect on the kids. It gives a feeling of seriousity of the trainings and a feeling of importance for the team members. It bears motivation. It can educate kids at early stage to be engaged of their dreams.


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