BE OPEN – anouncing the winners: my design has won the second prize

My lamp design called Flow has won the second prize of BE OPEN design award in Milan! The second prize was that you can choose a course at one of the leading Universities in design around the world and participate on the organizator expenses. I’m very proud of winning this award, it’s a great honor for me!  Continue reading


BE OPEN – last day

Last day of my trip. After my last authentic Italian Cappuccino and breakfast I had to say goodbye from the incredibly inspirational town of Milan and get to the airport.

I was impressed on how professional and well organized was the Be Open to the Future event. The 5 days that I spent in Milano was unforgettable. I was exposed to a great many stimulus and inspiration those days. The conference was super-impressive in terms of the presentations and the design of the scenery as well. It was such a magnificent feeling listening to the design profession’s top representatives’ thoughts about the future.

BE OPEN – day four

After a fast breakfast we began our 2nd tour around the best locations of Milan Design Week with our guide. You can see some new pics about it in this gallery:

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After the tour we participated on the last day of the conference. The topic of the 3rd day is Unique & Universal. Speakers: Ilse Crawford (Design expert), Paola Navone (Architect and designer), Stuart Parr (designer and entrepreneur), Gaetano Pesce (architect and designer), Daniel Rozensztroch (art director Merci Paris), Patricia Urquiola (architect and designer). You can watch the presentation here.

I think that the BeOpenFuture was an incredibly professional event and I hope that they will organize more and more such great events for a long time. I think it is very important to let talented students get in touch with such a highly professional people/ambient/company. To feel their energy, their huge professional calling and their enthusiasm. These are amazingly powerful driving forces which are extremely inspiring for a designer student. Meanwhile I am absolutely agreed with the message of the event: we must consciously take care of the future.

BE OPEN – day three

The topic of the 2nd day of the conference was Daily & Happy. Speakers: Julian Schnabel (painter), Alberto Alessi (entrepreneur & managing director of Alessi), Carlo Cracco (chef), Elio Fiorucci (entrepreneur, fashion designer), Edson Matsuo (creative director of Grendene), Vladimir Pirojkov (designer and president AstraRossa).

My top favorite presentation was by Vladimir Pirojkov (designer and president of AstraRossa). He talked about the transformation of transportation from 2D to 3D, and about achievable flying cars and space-hotels orbiting around Earth as their current projects they are working on. I was entirely impressed by the fact that what I could have imagined only for the next 20 years is literally happening right now! I was shaken up and filled with excitement by these impassioned presentations, where you can see that the presenters are how madly in love with what they do and that they don’t know the term impossible. I’m dreaming by my hart about counting among these people and doing my job with this huge professionalism. You can watch this day’s peresentations here.

Beside the events of the conference, thanks to the organizer we could visit the most exciting locations of Fuori Salone with a very helpful guide. At these exhibitions I was fascinated again by the amazing refinement, elegance and creativity of the Italian design. Here is some pics about the exhibition of Fuori Salone! Continue reading

BE OPEN – day two

After a quick breakfast and a great original italian cappuccino we went to the first day of the conference which was held in the Aula Magna dell’Universita degli Studi di Milano. The topic of the 1st day was Sensible & Sustainable. Speakers: Clare Brass (designer), Sass Brown (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, Firenze), Luisa Collina (projects & relations manager at Politecnico di Milano – International School of Design), Jane Penty (Central Saint Martins School- College of Art and Design , London), Maria Sebregondi (vice president Moleskine).

Clare Brass presented a very interesting system design concept that she worked on with students from the Royal College of Art and from the Imperial College of London. The is system is called ‘food loop‘ and it is about solving the urban food waste problem. They are thinking on creating a ‘food waste machine’ that can collect and compost all the food waste for the soil to grow new plants for food. It’s a very exciting cyclic system.

My other favorite presentation was by Maria Sebregondi about the future of Moleskine. From the perspective of Moleskine it is a very interesting question how they see and will reflect to the trend of digitalization and the grow of the social media as they producing something 110 percently analogue product: notebooks. Sebregondi told that the grow of the digital age won’t question the presence of notebooks. Those books are to give space for talents. And the digital/social media can give the space for sharing talent. You can watch all the speeches here.

After the conference and some free time in the town there was a great cocktail party for the representatives of the BE OPEN and the finalists at that same University. We had a great time!

BE OPEN – day one

Today I arrived to Milan. Everything were organized accurate and precisely. Actually this was the first time in my life when someone was waiting for me with a paper with my name at the airport:) The feeling is priceless:) The first day was really about warming up to the conference and the programs. I just had a walk on the beauteous streets of Milan to pick up the rhythm of the environment. At the end of the day there was a little meeting with the finalists and the coordinator about the programs of the next days. I’m super excited, I think it will be an amazing experience. Stay with me during the next days at my blog so I can share it with you.

Flow lamp has been selected as a finalist in BE OPEN!

The bamboo made ‘Flow’ lamp has been selected as a finalist at BE OPEN design award. Ten people passed through the finals. The final round will be held in Milan were all the finalists must shown and present their work. The final round will be together with the BE OPEN Conference where leading professionals of the design field will make presentations such as Paola Navone, Gaetano Pesce, Alberto Alessi etc. The organizers will pay all the expenses of this 5 day travell (from April 16 to 20) of the finalists. I will write every day about my experiences during the week…