‘Fogo’ designed by Alberto Vasquez has been published in SendPoints inspiring book called Creative Product Design

Fogo by Alberto Vasquez is published in Creative Product Design

The Removable Handles called Fogo designed by Alberto Vasquez has been part of SendPoints collection in Creative Product Design. Check the review of SendPoints:

The advancement in technology and the use of new materials, the increase of public environmental protection awareness, as well as people’s seeking for better, easier and multifunctional living, bring fresh challenges to product design. Creative Product Design presents and analyses creative products in everyday life from various parts of the world. The book features five parts: lamps, tables & chairs, shelves & cabinets, kitchenware & containers and tools. Continue reading


fogo – removable handles for people with arthritis


A handle of a frying pan is not just a stick. It’s an elongation of our hand which makes us possible to grab and control an extremely hot object. Actually I consider it as a plier that is an integral part of our hands during cooking and only should connect to the pan when we want to move it or shake it. You can cook more comfortable and safe as there are no protruding sticks while the pans are sizzling on the stove.

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removable handles for IDEA Groups

We make lots of complex operations in the kithcen which sequences must be very precisely coordinated in a fairly dangerous environment – hot oven, sizzling frying pan etc. In such a complicated ambience like the kitchen we need simple tools and usability. Hence when I designed the removable handles my aim was that the instruments must be as simple as possible but not simpler. Continue reading