Can water consumption be reduced in the Third World?

Water consuption is a serious issue in Colombia. Usually the water usage is the biggest cost in the household’s overhead – the overhead cost devours about 50-70% of incomes of people from the lower classes.

In such a tropical country people use more water than in Europe. The first reason is that they tend to take a bath on average 2-3 times a day, because of the hot weather. The other reason is that in Colombia an incredibly uneffective saniter-system has spread around that uses almost 8-10 liter of water each time you flush it. Besides in Colombia almost 40% of the population lives in severe poverty. Continue reading

cold-rough-anger – research based form study


This was a university project. The task was to make a 30×30 cm form study based on three keywords. Out of the three keywords, the first had to be a physical characteristic, the second a human attitude and the third an emotion. My keywords were: Cold, Rough, Anger Continue reading

How will change our culinary habits in the next decades?


Ohm  is a communication device in our kitchen. If we eat alone it can project our friends around us who are eating at the same time elsewhere. So we can eat with our friends at any time no matter how far they are. Continue reading