Beyond glasses by IgenDesign has won Silver A’Design Award

BeyondGlassesbyIgenDesign2.jpgWe are proud to announce that IgenDesign’s Beyond glasses project has been awarded with Silver Award in Social Design category at the prestigious A’Design Award, one of the biggest and most important international design awards in the world. Beyond glasses were chosen for winning silver award out of 35.559 submitted projects from 180 countries.

Beyond is a glasses collection for blind people. We started this project with the kind help of the National Institute for the Blind in Hungary to torn down the walls between the Blind and the Sighted.


We believe that social integration of the blind can’t focus solely on functional accessibility but needs emotional inclusiveness as well. Many of the sighted still feel embarrassed or sorry when they see a blind person. But the Blind thank them, don’t need that sorry. Sorry only creates distance. These walls must be torn down. Social integration isn’t necessary so that sighted people can have a relieved conscience but because we simply need each other – that’s why we live together in a society. The Beyond glasses act as a symbol: Seeing beyond prejudice and sorry. Seeing beyond the dark glasses. Beyond all these you will meet someone… – Learn more about Beyond glasses.


Why social sensitivity is so important in the design profession?

In the second half of the 20th century, the systematic and environmentally friendly designers emphasized the contents of basic needs and the depth of thought so much that the form itself was often despised. Victor Papanek, who published his must have book in the subject called Design for the real world, was the greatest spokesman of this extremist tending trend. In the beginning his Continue reading

Akiyai is on TV in Colombia!

A report has been shot at the office of Akiyai in Bucaramanga, Colombia about the new social network for Colombians. The report has been broadcast in chanel Caracol in Colombia. I’ve also been interviewed about the design of the website.

You can watch more photos about the shooting in the rest of this entry. Continue reading

corporate identity design for ‘Akí y Aí’ – the colombian social network

Akí y aí‘ is a Colombian social network which is working since 2009. Akí y aí is completely focused on local needs and its main goal is to grow the Colombian culture and society. All the functions and features and its handling had been developed for local people and for local internet culture. Continue reading